I’ve Been Watching You

I did promise that this post would include references to my favorite Sting and the Police song. After all, when I was a kid, my sister and I would play Synchronicity on our dad’s record player, messing with the speed so that it either sounded like a Greogrian chant or a tween power-pop anthem.

Like this, but wearing a robe. I know, that doesn’t make it any better.

But on to the Adventure:

Last week, I was able to cross another item off The List: getting my proof of good conduct from the local police department. Even though this sort of form is pretty commonplace in Austria, it isn’t in the US. In spite of that, it was (thankfully) a fairly straightforward process, even if it did take me a while to explain to the receptionist exactly what it was I wanted—but apparently, enough missionaries have to get the same form for their residency permit applications that we were able to get it all figured out.

I should mention that the Provo Police Department, while generally staffed with some lovely people, is housed in a seriously depressing building. Think 80’s-era linoleum, malfunctioning vending machines, and the sort of yellow fluorescent lighting one generally associates with a horror film.

Please have a seat, and the man with the chainsaw and ski mask will be with you shortly.

So now we’ve established that I’m not a mass murderer or a daring international jewel thief, I was able to send off my proof of good conduct to the Utah Office of Authentications for an apostille—along with a $15 check, of course. Let’s take a look at how this is adding up so far, shall we?

  • Birth certificate copy: $12
  • Virginia apostille: $10
  • Utah background check: $10 (although I only had to pay $8, because the first woman to quote me the price got it wrong, which was only discovered after I had written the check)
  • Utah apostille: $15
  • Total (not including postage): $47

Of course, this number will increase once I actually submit my residency permit application, but considering that it’s getting me to the Land of Cake and Sausage, I’ll keep my kvetching to a dull roar.

Worth the wait.


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