I know, I know, this is not Twitter. All the same, it’s been a really good day, and what better place to talk about it than here?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

This morning, the family took part in a 4.01k walk at Rock Canyon Park. It was a nice, low-key sort of thing, where the bank employees and their families walked a couple of laps on the pathway that rings the park. Afterwards, we all gathered in the park pavilion for popsicles and prizes (and alliterations, apparently).

This post is brought to you by the letter “P”.

All of the kids under 12 got a prize, and the adults had a raffle. I was selected, and got to pick out a prize: a first-aid kit! I know, it sounds kind of lame, but since most of the prizes were pool toys (and I don’t do much swimming), it seemed like a good idea to pick something I would actually use. Plus, there’s something really pleasing about seeing all of those things neatly organized in their tiny containers.

This sort of thing makes me happy.

In the afternoon, Mom and I went to the Amara Day Spa, since they were having a grand re-opening event today. There were demonstrations, discounts (all products 20% off!), giveaways, and free makeovers. I was not about to pass that up, so I got a makeover and ended up buying the lipstick (an awesome shade of red by Smashbox called Grenadine), and even won a bunch of Brazilian Blowout hair products.

You can understand why I wanted this.

The hair products were technically part of the raffle, but when four different women were picked and didn’t show, the MC announced he would give them away to someone who was on hand. Some woman who was there with her daughter and I were the top contestants in “Shouting and Arm-Waving, Division I”, so he decided we would have a race. Skipping. Backwards.

It’s a race!

Now, neither of us were wearing what might be termed “sensible shoes”, so we both did this race barefoot, which would have been okay, if we weren’t in a parking lot in the summer. It was only a short race, but it was still painful.

Yeah. Tragedy.

And to top it all off, I finally got that copy of my birth certificate! Now, I just need to send it off for an apostille, and I should have all of the documents necessary to submit my residency permit application. All in all, today feels like a success.

My kind of day.


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