In Pictures: July 4

As you know, yesterday was Independence Day, and for the occasion, most of the family came over in the afternoon for a cookout. It was a great day for it: not too hot, and with a large fan in the backyard we were really comfortable. We were pretty busy both the night before and in the morning, since we had to do a ton of grocery shopping-including purchasing a grill! Thankfully, we weren’t the only people at the store who  were grill-less so close to the holiday, which made the whole thing less sad.

There was also a fair amount of prep work to be done with the menu we had chosen. We had:

  • burgers with toppings (including caramelized onions!)
  • grilled chicken
  • Caesar salad
  • corn on the cob
  • baked beans with bacon
  • apple pie
  • peach crisp
  • homemade vanilla ice cream!

Plus, my sister-in-law Ashley brought some wonderful potato salad, and my stepsister Renee brought cherries, and they were delicious. My favorite part of the meal was still definitely the ice cream. It was so rich, full of eggs and whole milk and whipping cream. It took a while to make, because you have to cook the custard for 15 minutes on the stove, stirring all the while; it then has to chill for 2 hours before it can even go in the ice cream maker.

It was a delicious lunch, and we had a lovely time catching up. Afterwards, Richard and Ashley stayed on for a bit to watch an episode of Community, aka “The Best Show on Television”. Seriously, it’s funny, creative, and has a lot of heart. If you’re looking for a good place to start, go with “Modern Warfare”, the first paintball episode.

And now, here are some pictures from yesterday’s festivities. What did you do for the Fourth?


One thought on “In Pictures: July 4

  1. Sounds like a lovely 4th of!

    and There’s something for you over on my blog, I’m spreading sunshine!

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