The Recipe Box: Hot Buttered Fluffy Pretzels

Today is another day of baking! I had seen this recipe come up a couple of times on Pinterest, and it just seemed too delicious not to give it a try. And they were delicious: fluffy, salty, and oh-so-buttery. The only real problems were:

  1. If you follow the recipe exactly, the dough might end up being rather sticky, so use plenty of flour on your hands and surfaces. Also,
  2. Some of the pretzels ended up sticking to the baking sheet. You might want to use a little more oil on the baking sheet.

You can find the recipe on Fifteen Spatulas. Here are a few pictures of the process:

While baking, I listened to a few different radio programs: this week’s episode of I’m Sorry, I Haven’t a Clue, this week’s This American Life (topic: long shots, featuring Utah’s worst high school football team), and an episode of The Bugle(they’re about to do their 200th  episode! Salty Language Alert).

Our old friend Captain Cursewords.

What do you like to listen to while you’re baking? And recipes you think I should try?


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