Great Things Thursday

Today was a pretty good day for me. Not so much because of any one thing in particular, but a bunch of little things that added up. And so, the Great Things of Thursday:

  • Going out for Korean food at Sam Hawk with my mom. At lunch, we both decided it was time for something a little different. Sometimes, that means we end up in the “ethnic foods” aisle of the grocery store for half an hour, while I continually threaten to make my mother buy the gefilte fish in a jar if she doesn’t just pick something already (true story). Instead, we went through the list of various Asian restaurants in town, crossing them off and finally settling it with a coin toss. Neither of us had been to Sam Hawk before, but it was great: the food is insanely delicious (try the beef bulgogi!), you get a ton of it, and it’s inexpensive (our entrees were about $10 each). It was a win.

    And no gefilte fish. Hallelujah!

  • This great post on Design Mom about buying school supplies in France. I love school supplies so much. I get this wonderful happy feeling seeing rows and rows of pre-sharpened pencils, composition notebooks, and binders filled with college-ruled paper and color-coded dividers. No joke: when I was a teenager, I convinced my dad to give me a gift card to Office Depot for my birthday. It was awesome: I finally got to buy all the fancy pens my heart desired!
  • My friend Katherine’s hilarious new blog about Mormon life, Just Say Amen Already! It’s like What Should We Call Me, but LDS. You should seriously check it out.
  • Kids playing in my neighborhood, including the three-year-old running around stark naked in a puddle. Whenever she thought someone was coming, she would cover her eyes, in the grand tradition of “If I can’t see them, they can’t see me”. It was pretty funny and adorable.
  • The blue car ahead of me in traffic with the bumper sticker that read “Horcruxes got soul”. I salute you.

  • Knowing that it is actually Thursday, as opposed to yesterday, when I just thought it was Thursday and then felt disappointed to realize it was only Wednesday.

End result? I’m feeling like this:


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