Sugar Cookies, Burgers, and a Cherry Pie

It’s been a busy couple of days around here: we spent Pioneer Day with three of my nieces, and we baked sugar cookies. The youngest two were really keen to help, and (apart from a little spilled flour) did a pretty good job.

The next day was my mom’s birthday, and we all—mom, Richard, Janna, Josh, the girls, and I—planned to go hike the Timpanogos Caves in the Uinta National Forest. Only problem? Once we got there, we found out that we would have to wait an hour and half before we could even start the hike up to the caves. We decided the wait would be too long, and decided on another hike: the Stewart Falls, about four miles to the falls and back. It was a great hike, mostly shaded, with great views of the forest. The falls themselves were really beautiful, and it was great to cool off for a bit. Afterwards, we were all pretty hungry, and got lunch at a restaurant in Provo called Great Steak Sandwich Company. It’s a small place, and the food is delicious: burgers, fries, and shakes

Then, yesterday, I decided to make a cherry pie. We had a couple of bags of cherries that needed using up. I’d never made a cherry pie before, but we had a recipe for it in our trusty Fanny Farmer cookbook. It turned out pretty well: sweet, tart, with a flaky crust.

Next time, I’ll fill you in on my quilting project!


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