Of Stress and Sleep

So, I’m desperately hoping sure you noticed that I haven’t posted in a little over a week. My bad, guys. It’s been a rough week, mostly hinging around two Big Problems:

  1. My laptop broke.
  2. No sleep.

My laptop had been overheating, and since apparently putting it in the fridge is a Really Bad Idea, it was time to take it to someone who knows how these things work and make them fix it. It’s not that I’m incompetent when it comes to computers.

“IT Department. Have you tried turning it off, then on again?”

Okay, it’s not just that I’m incompetent when it comes to computers. I really tried to figure out what the problem could be: dirty fan, something called CPU usage (don’t ask what that means; I can’t tell you), etc. I even tried to see if this was something I could fix myself, because a good Mormon upbringing makes you want to be self-sufficient! That said, when self-sufficiency involves:

a)      Tiny screwdrivers, and

b)      Potentially breaking a very expensive thing that has basically your whole life on it

It’s maybe time to call someone who does this for a living.

So I did. I found a place somewhere near my neighborhood, they quoted me a price, and I left it with them. Later that afternoon, hey presto! It is clean, and not overheating—but the trackpad and wi-fi are not working. So not only did they fix it, they also broke it in a new and interesting way! Very frustrating. That said, there were some positives: I realized that my classmates are great people, who are willing to help you try to fix a broken laptop or come with you to the computer store to insist in German that the people who broke your laptop fix it right now. Also, there is something incredibly liberating about crying on the tram. Not pretty crying, either: ugly, splotchy, mascara-running, loud-sniffle sobbing. It makes you feel untouchable. Like, “don’t even tryto mess with me, because I am clearly not in a position to care about social norms”.

Let it out, Toby.

In the end, the computer people gave me a temporary solution until I can get a new laptop (hooray!), which leaves me free to work on Big Problem 2: no sleep. Now, I know sleep is important for everyone, but I like to think that sleep and I have a special relationship. It is on my list of Rules of Successful Living (yes, that is a real list, and yes, I will do a series of posts about it) to get enough sleep, especially when your professor calls you out on it in class. But even here, there is a bright side: if you can’t sleep enough at night, take naps! I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t appreciate naps when I was younger: I thought they were for babies, and I certainly didn’t want to be kept out of all the cool things that were clearly going on while I was asleep. Now, though, I have learned the error of my ways. Naps are amazing. Whether it’s a quick, 20-minute power nap or a full glorious hour, you feel better. And I am all about feeling better. (I encourage you to check out the link, because it’s something else I wrote <shamless plug/>)

So there! The biggest problems (including my neglect of all [five?] of my readers) have been dealt with, which means it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. Like Viennale! Or the premier of Skyfall. Also, it’s a national holiday on Friday, which means a three-day weekend! Who has fun plans?


4 thoughts on “Of Stress and Sleep

  1. Not only do I approve of the IT Crowd photo and quote…I’m also loving Toby Macguire ugly-crying. 🙂 It sort of made my day. Also: I’m sad that you had to ugly cry on the tram. Sadnesses. :-*

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