Better Late Than Never…

So, I got a little carried away with this whole “going to classes and studying” thing, and as a result, I have neglected you, dear reader, terribly. I am sorry. I would tell you how many times “Write a new blog post!” made its way on to my To-Do list, only to sit there, glaring at me accusingly, but I would rather stop the shame spiral (or, as the amazing Kelly Williams of Adulting calls it, a Shame Boomerang) and instead get onto the business of catching you up on the Things In My Life.

  1. I got an A- on my Microeconomics final! It took me a while to figure this out, because even though my professor was super-prompt about grading our exams, I had no idea where to find them. Thankfully, some classmates who were way more on top of their game than me pointed out where to find them on the website. Aside from being pleasantly surprised, it was an excuse to go get celebratory Chinese take-out. Success!
  2. Institutional Law of the European Union is still basically the bane of my existence, but there has been some progress. I actually understood a whole lecture! It’s less encouraging that it’s taken four weeks of lectures to get there, but still: I understood everything, AND I was able to capture it all in my notes (three cheers for a 58 wpm typing speed!). I’m still planning on ritually burning my notes once I’ve passed, but I feel much more confident.
  3. Hortense (my cyclamen) is still alive. I don’t have the best track record with living things. Okay, babies and pets, anything with a pulse: sure, I’ve done fine. But plants? Not so much. However, thanks to my mom and the Power of the Internet, Hortense lives. She has been regularly watered, and any dead blooms and leaves swiftly pulled off. She even has a couple of bright new blooms. It’s exciting.
  4. The Magic Thai Place: I don’t actually know this place’s name (I don’t even know if it had one), but it’s a wonderful hole-in-the-wall place down the block. Each day, there are only four possible entrees, each for a little over five Euro. They also have side salads and desserts and fancy glass-bottled sodas, which you can either take away or eat on-site (assuming you can find a seat; it is REALLY tiny). Bonus? They also have a darling Golden Retriever.

    Heroically works to provide low-cost Thai food to broke students. Accepts belly rubs (via Wikipedia).

So that’s most of what has been going on lately. I solemnly swear that I will write more regularly from now on, especially since there are so many exciting things coming up! Things like:

  • Meeting the US ambassador to Austria this week
  • My European Security Challenges final (less exciting, but post-exam celebrating is)
  • Christmas markets! As someone who thinks Christmas music is appropriate any time you have the magic of the season in your heart, this makes my day. Also, something has to compensate for the fact that it’s pitch-black by about 5 PM now. For an overview of the Christmas markets in Vienna, check out this awesome article by my friend Kaleb.

And you? Any exciting new things? Minor domestic triumphs? Cute dogs? Good restaurants?


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