The ‘Baum is BACK, y’all!

Hello, fellow enthusiasts! Clearly, it’s been a while (I’m sure a few of you have forgotten you even SUBSCRIBED to this thing, hadn’t you? No judgments; it took me a good quarter of an hour to figure out my WordPress login information).
It’s been a couple of years (YIKES!) since I last posted, because honestly, I thought I had run out of things worth talking about since I came back from my Fulbright. It’s easier to blog when you’re writing about having (comparatively) glamorous student adventures in a sparkling European capital–rather less so when it’s about living daily life as a grown up in western North Carolina.
Old Salem
Still. I’ve missed this, and have been hoping to get my spark back, and all in all it just feels like TIME, you know? And so I’m back, with a bit of a twist. The last time I blogged regularly, it was as part of a finite project: my Fulbright. Now, I’m starting a new project–a happiness project.
The idea of a happiness project goes back to one of my favorite nonfiction writers and podcasters, Gretchen Rubin. She’s written several books (all of which I’ve LOVED) about happiness, habits, and human nature. I’ve decided to model my own project on the nine-month structure she used in her second book, Happier at Home. After all, starting in September feels far more natural than January; years of schooling have me convinced that this is the real start of the year, and that “That laborious affair in January was nothing but a name” (as it says in one of my favorite books–Mrs. Miniver).
NOT this Mrs. Miniver, though. Lovely as Greer Garson is, even she couldn't save that maudlin muckheap of a film.

NOT this Mrs. Miniver, though. Lovely as Greer Garson is, even she couldn’t save that maudlin muckheap of a film.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be blogging about things like my theme for the year, my monthly theme, and my attempts (successful and otherwise) at meeting my resolutions–plus, whatever else comes across my desk, because sometimes we could all use a bit of a break from talking about good habits to dish over the most recent season of Poldark, couldn’t we? (Yes. Yes, we could.)
Don't pretend he isn't gorgeous. Don't even.

Don’t pretend he isn’t gorgeous. Don’t even.

So, welcome back, grab a seat, and make yourself comfortable. We’ve got to get started!

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